Welcome to BCB Therapy, offering a more modern, safer way to do therapy in the Eugene, Oregon area. Teletherapy, is a lot like regular therapy in the sense that there is no physical contact or labs that need to be done in most cases. The best difference is that you're having your session at home.

teletherapy in eugene oregon

Some instances of teletherapy can include:

  • Over the phone therapy sessions
  • Group therapy over video chat or zoom
  • Groups, couples, and individual video conferencing
  • Email and instant messenger therapy checkups

What is Teletherapy And Why Should You Consider It?

Teletherapy is simply a virtual mental health therapy session via video chat or over the phone. More therapists are looking into incorporating this into their own practices. Actually, schools, news, business meetings… Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, almost everything is going virtual.

Teletherapy makes it convenient and simple to see your counselor from anywhere. When you're ready for your next session, simply click their personal room link, open the email that you received, and join the video call.

Will I Receive Sufficient Therapy Sessions?

At BCB Therapy, all of our therapists are trained in evidence-based psychotherapy. Our therapist can treat a plethora of mental conditions including — depression, anxiety, relationship problems, OCD, a personality disorder, and chronic stress are just a few of the issues that we treat.

A 2010 analysis indicates that cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for depression via teletherapy is as equally effective as face-to-face therapy sessions. All of our therapists are available for Teletherapy sessions.

teletherapy in eugene oregon

Benefits of Teletherapy with a Licensed Therapist

  • It's Easier to Get to Your Sessions — With the pandemic going on right now, a lot of people are staying home so teletherapy is perfect because you don't have to miss any of your sessions.
  • More Affordable — Teletherapy may help you save money on your therapy, but will definitely allow you to save money on gas or Uber.
  • Clients Are Always Highly Satisfied — Teletherapy can be very rewarding and clients have reported high rates of satisfaction with mental health treatment in this form.
  • Privacy Is Key —
  • No Public Health Concerns — Since more time will be needed to alleviate the COVID-19 pandemic, teletherapy is the best option to stay safe and still have your therapy sessions. The good thing is that you're safe at home.
  • Privacy And Security — Our clients can receive treatment from the privacy of their own homes, thus removing any privacy concerns. Your session is just as secure and private with teletherapy as it is at an in office face to face session.

All HIPAA, PIPEDA, and GDPR data privacy requirements are strictly followed.

Begin Your Treatment Now — To Be A Happier You

BCB Therapy is a leader in mental health treatment who understands that therapeutic relationships are crucial to healing, and by combining evidenced based counseling methods with Biofeedback and LENS Neurofeedback has truly set us apart in Central Oregon.

If you're ready to start the process of working through your mental health issues, contact us today to make a teletherapy appointment with our mental health experts, or book an appointment online here. In the meantime, visit our blog over here.

We are here to help, contact us now.