Therapy Services for Parents & Postpartum Depression

Therapy Services for Parents & Postpartum Depression

Bend Counseling & Biofeedback is dedicated to providing counseling and therapy services for parents and people experiencing postpartum depression. Our office in Oregon provide access to experienced mental health professionals who understand the unique challenges of parenthood. We are passionate about providing our patients with access to high-quality mental health care tailored to their individual needs. We strive to create a supportive environment where our clients can feel comfortable discussing their concerns.

We aim to support parents while providing the necessary tools and resources to create a safe and healthy environment for themselves and their children.

Common Mental Health Disorders in Parents

Being a parent is a huge responsibility and often comes with high levels of stress. Adjusting to being a new parent, especially with the birth of a first child, can be daunting as parents learn to navigate life with a little one in the mix. Many life events could make being a parent more stressful, impacting mental health.

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Sleep deprivation is common during those early days and months of parenting, and balancing work life with caring for children can be challenging. Single parents must also manage the added burden of parenting independently. All parents may need to forgo a dating and personal life to put the needs of their family first, which can be extremely stressful and lead to burnout. Another child's arrival can bring joy and additional stress since it shifts the parental dynamics once again. Divorce or separation is an all-too-common event for many families, bringing financial strain and custody issues that cause tension and distress for parents. Finally, the death of a loved one can bring much sadness and grief, which can inevitably affect the entire family unit. These common life events are difficult for any parent to go through, but resources are available to help them manage the stress that comes along with them.

In our experience, the three most common mental health disorders that parents can develop are anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Each condition can have a serious impact on a parent's mental health, which can affect other family members and children.

New parents or people who have recently experienced pregnancy are also at a high risk of developing postpartum depression. Parents should take the presence of postpartum depression in themselves or a loved one very seriously and seek treatment immediately.

Essential Postpartum Facts You Should Know

Postpartum depression is a serious condition that affects many new moms and can cause a severe loss of interest in the care of their newborn. It usually occurs within three to five days after childbirth, although it can last up to two weeks or even longer in some cases.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately one in ten women experiences postpartum depression after giving birth. It’s important for any mother feeling this way to seek help from a mental health professional as soon as possible, as she may not be able to properly care for her child if the condition worsens.

It’s also important to note that postpartum depression is a natural experience and is treatable with therapy. Symptoms include exhaustion, difficulty sleeping, difficulty concentrating, loss of appetite or overeating, crying spells, irritability, and mood changes. If a new mom has any of these symptoms, she should consult with her doctor or our experts at Bend Counseling & Biofeedback Therapy as soon as possible to get proper treatment and begin recovery immediately.

Possible Effects of Undiagnosed Mental Disorders on Parents

The potential effects of undiagnosed mental disorders in parents can be devastating. Divorce rates are often higher when a parent is struggling with an untreated mental illness, as the challenges presented by the disorder can overload and strain even the most solid relationships. Additionally, those suffering from a mental health condition may find it difficult to adequately meet the needs of their children, potentially leading to loss of custody. Individuals with an unrecognized or untreated mental health disorder may be more prone to addiction to drugs and alcohol, which often leads to legal troubles or other self-destructive behavior. This setting can present a negative example for their children that can have lasting repercussions for them. Finally, the vulnerability posed by mental illness can lead to death or disownment by family, friends, and even children in some cases.

Possible Effects of Undiagnosed Mental Disorders on Parents

The ripple effect of leaving a mental disorder undiagnosed and untreated is far-reaching and damaging to those suffering and those around them.

Bend Counseling & Biofeedback Help for Parents in Oregon

At Bend Counseling & Biofeedback, we understand how difficult it can be to manage mental health issues caused by parenthood and postpartum depression. Our highly trained and compassionate therapists are here to help you find relief from the stress and anxiety that may accompany these moments in life.

With our convenient location in Bend and telehealth services available in certain areas or with certain insurances, we are committed to making quality therapy accessible for our clients at any stage of life. You are not alone - our team is dedicated to providing a safe space to express your concerns, gain clarity, and heal. Call us today at (541) 550-7940 or contact us via our online form – we look forward to helping you find the best path forward!

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