While we maintain social distancing as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, many are feeling fatigued and noticing signs of depression with a lack of personal interaction. We atBCB Therapy are providing mental health counseling via our Teletherapy services. Our mental health experts make the virtual sessions convenient, caring, and personable, just as they would be in face-to-face counseling.

If you live in Portland, Oregon, outside our physical location in Bend, we can still help you through these services since we are licensed to operate in all areas of Oregon.

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Understanding Teletherapy

Teletherapy is a medical practice that connects medical counseling experts virtually with clients. It applies the use of technology to help clients manage mental health problems. It may also involve other aspects of therapy, such as occupational therapy and speech-language development.

Benefits of Teletherapy:

  • It allows people who cannot travel due to disability or chronic illnesses to access online treatment.
  • As patients, you or your loved ones can concentrate on the sessions since there are no worries about traveling late back home.
  • It eliminates the need to deal with dangerous weather conditions such as snowfalls while moving out to seek treatment.
  • No one sees you as you seek the help of a mental help therapist. It enhances your privacy.
  • At these times of COVID-19, you are free from the danger of exposure in crowded visits to the clinic.
  • Teletherapy allows for flexible scheduling of sessions if you are busy during the day.
  • It reduces related costs like extra time off of work to commute to a physical appointment as well as fuel costs to drive there.

How Can BCB Therapy's Teletherapy Service Help You?

We provide compassionate and personalized counseling to all our clients between 18 and 65 years old. We also help them to manage stress issues through biofeedback and insomnia treatment strategies. Our EDMR and Brainspotting programs take our clients through a process that reduces the effects of traumatic memories.

Experts at BCB Therapy have experience, knowledge, and training for treating depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder. We also handle family and relationship counseling professionally.

Our Teletherapy appointments are convenient for their lifestyles.

Why BCB Therapy Is Your Best Choice

BCB Therapy is the leading mental health providers near you. Our treatment strategy adopts a safe, non-judgmental approach that boosts confidence and aids our clients' significant healing.

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